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NCCDH: Webinar: Action on health equity through early childhood development programs, measurement and policy

This webinar will look at the intersection of physical and social conditions in early childhood and how they influence health outcomes across the life course. Early childhood development programs using a proportionate universality approach will be discussed, including issues of access, resource allocation and implementation. Measurement of early childhood outcomes will also be explored, including how data can be used to inform early childhood program priorities for public health.

Two key research projects will be profiled: PATHS Equity for Children (University of Manitoba) and the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) (University of British Columbia). The findings of this research are applicable to public health policy decisions across Canada and can translate to actionable items by practitioners at all levels of the public health system.

Participants will learn about:

  • The influence of early childhood conditions on health across the life course;

  • Measurement of program outcomes to inform policy decisions and resource allocation;

  • Key areas of policy focus related to early childhood that can influence health equity across the life course.

  • Multi-sectoral partners who can work together to collectively influence early childhood health outcomes.


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