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Global Implementation Conference

The 5th Biennial Global Implementation Conference comes to Glasgow, Scotland on 15 - 17 September 2019.

This global conference attracts hundreds of people from many disciplines, sectors, and parts of the world, who all share a passion for what the science and practice of implementation offers in making real change and improvement to people’s lives and the services they receive.

GIC 2019

GIC 2019 aims to engage the expanding global implementation community through dialogue and discussion on cutting edge implementation research and real-world examples of achieving impact, guided by effective implementation.

The Programme Planning Group is developing a conference programme that includes diverse perspectives and experiences, spanning implementation fields, disciplines, and geographic and economic contexts.

Is this conference for me?

GIC 2019 has been designed to stimulate the learning of those with experience and knowledge of implementation, as well as to invest in the next generation of implementation practitioners, policy makers, and implementation researchers. This conference is for you if you are:

  • Researching or evaluating programmes, interventions or change processes

  • Leading a big change agenda for your community

  • Interested in or working to make transformational change or ‘complex systems change’

  • Supporting health, education, social services professionals to change and improve their practice and behaviour difference for individuals and communities.

Why attend?

You will experience a dynamic combination of key insights, interactive learning sessions, networking, and informal discussion with implementation colleagues from around the world.

By participating in GIC you will:

  • Learn lessons from implementation work across the globe

  • Build and expand your global network of people working in a variety of disciplines, systems, and regions of the world

  • Increase your knowledge of conceptual and methodological approaches to implementation research and evaluation

  • Build your understanding how to apply implementation frameworks, strategies, practices, and tools to achieve socially significant benefits to individuals and communities

Be prepared to leave GIC with fresh ideas, feeling invigorated and armed with a new global network of pioneers, leaders and practitioners; who are all determined to use effective implementation practices to make a real difference for individuals and communities.