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APHA Learning Institute: Introduction to Implementation Science Short Course

APHA Learning Institute: Introduction to Implementation Science Short Course

Nov 3, 2019

Philadelphia, PA

This all-day workshop, held on November 3rd is offered by the Learning Institute of the APHA 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association and organized by the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute.

The purpose of this course is to provide participants with an orientation to implementation science, which addresses the gap between research evidence and routine practice. Many evidence-based interventions, developed from research findings, can be implemented to advance health and reduce health disparities, but use of these interventions is often limited. Implementation science focuses on the best strategies to accelerate the uptake of evidence-based interventions and programs that can improve the public’s health and life expectancy. This course is targeted to public health practitioners, researchers and community health workers at all stages in their careers, interested in understanding the rationale for and application of implementation science and its importance to public health. This course will address the targeted dissemination of research findings, barriers that prevent interventions from reaching diverse and at-risk populations, and strategies for overcoming those barriers. Participants will learn how to increase the impact of their research and understand how evidence is used to inform local, state, and national policy. Participants will gain an understanding of factors that contribute to the development and delivery of effective interventions within clinical and community settings. They also will learn the major components of an implementation study and examples of research designs used in the field, which support efforts in public health. Active discussions, case studies and small group work will facilitate the learning process.

Cost: $300 USD

Later Event: September 15
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