KT Alberta
A community of practice for health-related knowledge translation

A Community of Practice for health-related knowledge translation

KT Alberta



KT Alberta is a community of practice for people working in health-related knowledge translation: researchers, practitioners, administrators, and policy-makers. We use the term "KT" to include knowledge translation, knowledge synthesis, and implementation science. 

This KT Alberta website is a collection of events, information and resources useful to KT research and practice in the health sector. It's also a place to expand your network, get new ideas about KT, and find out about opportunities for learning and knowledge exchange. 



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KT Basics

Some definitions to get started with knowledge translations.

KT Alberta Resources

Services offered by our host, the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit's KT Platform, as well as the KT Alberta archive of newsletters and archive of webinars.

KT Organizations

Local, national, and international groups that focus on KT.


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