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Mobilizing Knowledge to Improve Pediatric Health Care

Link to webinar recording (via Adobe Connect)

Presentation on work with the National Center of Excellence in Knowledge Mobilization called Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (TREKK). TREKK addresses an identified gap between “what we know and what we do” in the context of pediatric emergency care, particularly in the context of general emergency departments.

The vision of TREKK is that every child receives the highest standard of care, whether they are treated in a pediatric or general emergency department. We will give an overview of the goals and purpose of TREKK; discuss the results of a national needs assessment we conducted to identify information needs and priorities; and, present strategies we developed to mobilize knowledge to healthcare providers and parents, including use of knowledge pyramids, social media, and electronic tools. We will close with reflections on our experience to date including factors that have helped us achieve our goals.

Speakers: Dr. Shannon Scott and Dr. Lisa Hartling