KT Alberta
A community of practice for health-related knowledge translation

KT Basics

What is knowledge translation?

What is Knowledge Translation?

Knowledge translation (KT) transforms evidence into active practice. KT is a series of activities ranging from collecting, collating, and making sense of evidence, to dissemination of knowledge, to application and use. We use the term "KT" to include related concepts like implementation science and knowledge synthesis. 

Knowledge translation Practice

Knowledge translation is a practice that spans across sectors and disciplines. It includes academic and community-based researchers, healthcare practitioners, patients, and policymakers. Our point is that KT is a broad and multidisciplinary field. There is no single definition of KT practice, and no single group of KT practitioners. 

Knowledge translation Research

Knowledge translation research topics range from information design, to meta-analysis, communications to evaluation. Of particular interest are ways in which KT research can build engagement with patient voices and communities.