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Denise Thomson, MBA

Denise is the Associate Director of the Alberta SPOR Knowledge Translation Platform. She has many years’ of experience in health promotion and KT, and holds a MBA degree with a specialization in knowledge transfer in the Canadian health care sector as well as a MA degree, both from the University of Alberta. In her spare time Denise enjoys hiking, cross-country skiing, and spending time in the mountains


Meghan Sebastanianski , BSc MPH, PhD

Dr. Meghan Sebastianski is the Program Coordinator for Knowledge Synthesis with the Alberta Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Knowledge Translation platform. Her research interests focus on bridging the gap between individual research studies and the use of evidence to change practice. With more than a decade of experience in research methodology and health outcomes research Meghan has also been involved in the use of knowledge synthesis in evidence-based decision making through her tenure as Project Manager in Health Technology Assessment and Innovation with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and as support for the Alberta Advisory Committee on Health Technologies (AACHT). She has taught numerous workshops on knowledge synthesis and systematic reviews and is a member of the Cochrane Training Network.


Gabrielle Zimmerman, PhD

Dr. Gabrielle Zimmermann is the Program Coordinator – Knowledge Translation & Implementation Science with the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit Knowledge Translation Platform.  She has wide-ranging experience in research and Knowledge Translation (KT) that encompasses the knowledge to action cycle; from creating and synthesizing evidence to facilitating the implementation of evidence into practice.  Her research interests include methods to advance the science of KT.  Gabrielle is an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary.


Kelli Buckreus, B.A (Bioethics + Anthropology), M.A. (Education), Doctoral Student

In addition to working with Alberta SPOR Support Unit - Knowledge Translation Platform, Kelli is completing her doctorate degree researching uses of artificial intelligence and virtual reality in education. She has worked in health research at the University of Alberta since 2004, including more than a decade collaborating with Indigenous Communities throughout Alberta. Kelli has taught law and social policy in the Mihalcheon School of Management at Concordia University of Edmonton, and has co-facilitated Athabasca University’s “Learning To Learn Online” MOOC.


Stephanie Brooks, M.Sc. (Public Health)

Stephanie is currently a Research Coordinator with the Alberta SPOR Support KT Platform. Her focus at the platform is on patient-oriented research utilizing participatory methods. She holds an MSc in Public Health and a Graduate Certificate in Community-Based Research and Evaluation, both from the University of Alberta. Through her work and education experiences, I have helped build knowledge translation products for patients, families, clinicians, health advocates, and policy-makers. She spend most of spare time gardening and cooking at home or riding bikes and cross country skiing in Edmonton's beautiful river valley.


Sabella Yussuf-Homenauth, B.Sc. Pharmacy, MPH

And last but not least, my name is Sabella and I am Knowledge Translation Project Coordinator for the Alberta SPOR Support KT Platform. My experience spanning ten years includes the areas of National Pharma care/ Medicines Supply Chain Management, along with Public Health and Health Promotion both at the policy level and front line from the Ministry of Health, Guyana. My interests lie in the research and application of knowledge translation principles and concepts to public health policy and practice. I love animals and am an avid video gamer in my spare time!

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