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Conferences Here Conferences There: Choosing the right conferences to suit your capacity building needs

Did you know that the melting snow and longer days are not just a sign that spring is just around the corner, but also a reminder that the KT conference season is only a couple of months away? Whether you are new to KT, or a seasoned expert, there are a variety of KT conferences across Canada that will help you make KT an integral part of your research practice.

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Are you creating an info-poster or an infographic? What are the differences?

Written by Diane Christensen and edited by KT Alberta

The word "infographic" may have become an umbrella term for describing poster products that visually show some amount of quantifiable data. However, infographics and info-posters are very different visual knowledge products. How do we distinguish the two?

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University of Alberta's recognition for the value of KT work in moving research evidence into the hands of clinicians and the public: Have you conneKTed with Dr. Lisa Hartling?

“We could find people doing KT all over the province but in different fields, and we wanted to bring them together in an environment where they could share and build on experiences. So that somebody from rehabilitation medicine can learn from someone doing cancer care, or behavior scientists can learn from those specializing in communications, etc. There is something to learn from everyone.”

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University of Alberta's recognition for the value of KT work-: Have you conneKTed with Dr. Shannon Scott?

“For families, the most important thing is that they’re able to see themselves in these tools. If they can see themselves, they’re able to relate to the information in a unique way that helps them understand and retain the information, as well as getting some emotional re-assurance. They don’t feel alone, and this is very motivating for them.”

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Advancing Implementation Science in Alberta (AISA): Part 1

“KT and IS, ultimately loops all of us who are both practitioners and researchers, towards getting to know each other better, and to explore how best to facilitate each other’s work.”

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